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American Dream

Philosophy, Politics, and genral malaise - Gone Gonzo!

Thadius Ignatious Elliot
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This is the blog. My first blog, not only because I made it first but because it is first in my heart. Work and effort actually go into it. I don't just talk about me because the internet is about abstraction (read: this kind of blog has no place on livejournal). People made me write it, and now I make them read it. OR else. I may became a memoir of no significance someday - the original plan was to have it be published as the first blog in hard print. No word yet on if still would be, nor if it will ever be published. I am working on it. It may never actually be finnished...
My heart goes out to those following this saga of infotainment and tradgedy.
(note: this is where I remove all this in the preface to the book)